The energy sector fulfills a socially important function, and today it requires large investments. At Gomero, we are dedicated to developing digital solutions for a sustainable future, and our employees are the most important component.

The importance of gomero & core in our philosophy

The electrified society of the future increases the importance of a reliable electricity distribution network and places higher demands on secure information management. At Gomero we help our customers to work efficiently with autonomous, connected devices that, along with data collection and analysis, create new conditions for effective environmental and sustainable work.

Because we are convinced that the culture of an organization and its performance are directly connected, our philosophy is based on sustainability and innovation. Today, we know that it is not only about what we do, but also how we do it.

We are a team of curious and creative individuals who see the value of the world around us and in each other. Gomero does not consist of divided hierarchical groups; we work together as a team that helps each other perform and celebrate success.