New functionality in the SIPP-app

We are constantly working to get you more benefits from your SIPP products - below you can read about the latest updates in the app. In addition to a lot of improvements "under the hood" on the server-side, we have added:

– Status sorting.
– Free text search.
– Ability to edit station and device information.
– Functional test in connection with measurement cell service performed or filter change.

Please take some time and read through the posts below and if any questions arise, do not hesitate to send us a signal! The new features are available for iPhone 10/2 and Android 2/3.

New sorting feature

First out is a sorting feature for device status. You can now sort for example which units need to have their filter replaced. You can sort out units with multiple criteria and all status levels (green, yellow and red) will be displayed.

Battery (Applies only to SIPP LW-units).

Calibration (Change of measuring cell).

Filter (Change of filter inside SIPP Node).

The unit reports an error code.

Warning dirty water

High-Level warning

Search box for station information

We have also added a search box where you can search for station names, literature, and similar information to quickly find the station(s) in the list you want to look at. Text search can be combined with one or more choices in the sort menu.

Edit station information directly in the app

You can now edit station information directly in the app! You can access the "edit" menu by swiping left on the current station - see the instructions here next.


Register service performed

Now you as a user can perform a function test when changing filters or measuring cells. You do the filter/measurement cell change in the "Maintenance" menu of the current SIPP Node, as usual. When service is done, you simply start a functional test to see that nothing is leaking and that everything is working. Afterward, you register the service performed by clicking "Send Protocol".