Essential Energy chooses Gomero's SIPP technology for its data center in Australia

The Australian power grid company, Essential Energy, has chosen Gomero's connected monitoring and control equipment, SIPP Node, for a major data center project north of Canberra. The project, Essential Energy's first of its kind and involves a large zone transformer station using environmentally friendly ester fluid for cooling the transformers. In the event of a potential fluid leakage from the transformer, Gomero's SIPP Node efficiently detects both ester and mineral oil. SIPP is currently the only approved technology capable of detecting both ester and mineral oil down to 1 PPM. Essential Energy has signed the new agreement with Gomero's local partner, KingHill.

The automated environmental protection of the oil catchment pit beneath the transformer is a crucial part of the digitisation of maintenance work and meets the increasingly stringent environmental requirements for critical infrastructure. Essential Energy has previously used SIPP at several of its substations.

Challenging market at the forefront

’’Essential Energy's continued choice of SIPP for a project aligned with their long-term strategy for digitization and green transition is a significant success. This is particularly noteworthy given that Australia is a market that has made significant progress, imposing very high environmental and safety standards on participating entities. The deal also confirms that our focus on data centers as a critical growth segment is beginning to deliver results. It's a sector where we see potential in all markets," says Jan-Eric Nilsson, CEO of Gomero.

‘’Gomero is the only player in the market with a certified solution capable of detecting environmentally friendly ester fluid down to 1 PPM. The fact that SIPP, after a demanding evaluation of cybersecurity, has also been approved by another local power grid company in Australia, puts us in a very strong position for the future," comments Jonas Lindholm, CEO of KingHill.

Briefly about Essential Energy

Essential Energy's network consists of 183,099 kilometres of power lines, 1.4 million power poles, 139,303 distribution stations, and 364 zone transformer stations with one to four transformers. The network covers approximately 90 percent of the area in the state of New South Wales, where Sydney is the largest city.

About Gomero

Gomero Group AB (publ) is a company that offers innovative solutions to customers in the energy sector for long-term sustainable economic growth through the development of systems and services for predictive maintenance – an area with very strong global growth. With Gomero's connected products, sensors, AI, and data analysis, we ensure that maintenance work can be performed optimally and with an increased level of automation.

For a long time, Gomero has offered detection of oil leakage from the transformer and automatic environmental protection of the bund under the transformer with its connected control equipment SIPP. For customers, this means increased operational reliability, reduced costs, and better opportunities to work more efficiently with their maintenance. Among Gomero's customers are Ellevio, Vattenfall, Lede Energi, Fingrid, Deutsche Bahn, and SA Power Network.