UK's electricity network comprises of around 6,000 transformer stations which require digitalisation

Gomero has hired Jasper Spencer who will be responsible for sales and business development, with a primary focus on the UK market. Jasper’s role will be to raise awareness of Gomero’s SIPP product family to companies in the energy sector. SIPP enables predictive maintenance and environmental assurance of critical processes at the transformer station, which is important to the UK's electricity network which comprises of around 6,000 transformer stations which require digitalisation.

Jasper has more than 25 years of experience in international sales, marketing, and business development and has extensive knowledge of IoT, condition-based monitoring and predictive and preventive maintenance solutions.

“The UK market is facing extensive investments in its electricity network. SIPP is a natural part of a smarter electricity grid that can safely meet the requirements for security, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility. In Jasper, we get a driven and knowledgeable person who knows both the market and the technology. We are excited that Jasper has joined the Gomero team”, said Jan-Eric Nilsson, CEO of Gomero.

“Gomero is characterized by market leading technology, visionary leadership and has an excellent corporate culture. Being able to offer innovative solutions to a large market that has an extensive need for modernization, creates ideal conditions for advancing Gomero's position within the UK. SIPP offers opportunities to digitize maintenance processes, while also meeting the requirements for sustainability and safety. We are intensifying our awareness campaign to communicate the added value that Gomero and SIPP can offer the UK”, said Jasper Spencer.

Well-proven and structured process for expanding international footprint

Expanding Gomero's presence in a strategically important market such as the UK is achieved step by step in line with a well-proven process.

“Simply put, you can say that our strategy for international growth is based on three initial steps that we know lead to market penetration. The first step is a very thorough mapping of the market. In the second step, we carry out pilot installations at local companies that are at the forefront of the energy sector and can become important reference customers. When that is done, the third step is to sign a framework agreement that enables a larger-scale deployment of SIPP. Often these processes take place in parallel. In practice, it may differ somewhat in different countries, but generally speaking, these are the steps we take for each market”, commented Jan-Eric Nilsson.

“Our successes with customers such as Vattenfall, Ellevio, Deutsche Bahn and E.on are important references for the UK energy companies who also place high demands on their suppliers. Jasper's experience in selling innovative technical solutions to large companies and C-level customers matches Gomero's needs in the UK”, concluded Jan-Eric Nilsson.

Prior to joining Gomero, Jasper worked at Pressac Communications Ltd, where he was responsible for global sales and business development for nine years. In that role, he helped build the company from the ground up and develop IoT solutions for connected commercial buildings and Industry 4.0 applications.

About Gomero

Gomero Group AB (publ) is a company that helps customers in the energy sector to achieve long-term sustainable economic growth through the development of systems and services for predictive maintenance - an area with very strong global growth. With connected products, sensors, AI and data analysis, we ensure that maintenance work can be carried out optimally and with a high degree of automation. For customers, this means increased reliability, reduced costs and more opportunities to work with predictive maintenance. Gomero's customers include Ellevio, Vattenfall, Skagerak Energi, Fingrid and Deutsche Bahn.


Gomero Group AB (publ) – based in Gothenburg, Sweden, consists of two wholly owned subsidiaries, Gomero Nordic AB and Gomero Australia Pty. Ltd.

About SIPP™

SIPP control equipment is connected equipment for detecting oil leakage from the substation, checking that the oil transformer bund is water-tight and ensuring that transformer oil always can be contained in the oil transformer bund in the event of a breakdown. The SIPP system is monitored 24/7 all year round. SIPP has digital process support for installation and predictive maintenance via web interface and app, including an interface for integration with the customer's business and maintenance system.


SIPP control equipment is the market leader in Sweden and helps over a hundred power grid owners in nine countries with predictive maintenance through automatic environmental compliance of the oil transformer bund under the transformer.