A 3-year framework agreement with Deutsche Bahn Energie GmbH

Gomero Group AB (publ.) has signed a 3-year framework agreement with Deutsche Bahn Energie GmbH through its German partner Karberg & Hennemann. The agreement relates to the delivery of SIPP control equipment to Deutsche Bahn's transformer stations. SIPP is Gomero's proprietary, connected technology for predictive maintenance and environmentally safe management of oil leakage from transformers. The agreement with Deutsche Bahn Energie underlines the successful steps Gomero is taking to expand its presence in the large and demanding German market.

Deutsche Bahn Energie is a wholly owned subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn and supplies electricity to the 7,900-kilometer-long German railway network, which has a total of 1,775 substations.

– The framework agreement with Deutsche Bahn Energie confirms that our strategy for international growth is moving forward at pace. Our strategy is based on three initial steps which results in larger volumes, the signing of a framework agreement is the third step in this process. In reality, this varies from country to country, but in general these are the steps we take to establish ourselves in new territories. We also acknowledge how important it is to work with a driven and knowledgeable local partner, comments Jan-Eric Nilsson, CEO of Gomero.

Increased electrification requires smarter electricity grids

The German market, like the rest of the world, is extensively investing in smart grids so that it is able to able to cope with increased electrification. SIPP is a natural part of this process, and the technology also meets security, flexibility and cost efficiency requirements.

– By using SIPP there are more opportunities for customers to digitize their maintenance processes, while also satisfying stringent environmental requirements. The agreement demonstrates that Deutsche Bahn recognises the added value that Gomero and SIPP offer, says Michael Cornelius, sales manager at Karberg & Hennemann, Gomero's partner and reseller in the German market.