Industriarmatur receives order for the pilot installation of the SIPP Node from EWE NETZ GmbH

IA Industriarmatur Group AB's (publ) retailer in Germany has been ordered to pilot a SIPP Node pilot installation at the power company EWE NETZ GmbH.

The order means that another electricity grid company in the German market evaluates SIPP technology for sustainable and environmentally safe transformer pits.

EWE NETZ GmbH currently supplies electricity to approximately 1.6 million subscribers in the regions Ems / Weser / Elbe, East Brandenburg, northern West Pomerania, and Rügen

EWE NETZ GmbH has a clear focus on developing its networks against intelligent networks called the smart grid. The order shows that the German market is also starting to mature in terms of sustainable and environmentally safe handling of transformer pits - Safe pit. "The fact that EWE-Netz also evaluates our solution creates good conditions for more business in the German market while creating added value for customers on their, and our journey towards a sustainable electrified society," says Jan-Åke Hedin, Sales Manager at IA Industriarmatur Group AB.

Briefly about SIPP

SIPP is a unique, efficient, and environmentally safe method for draining rainwater in transformer pits and has been used as drainage technology by Vattenfall, Ellevio, E.ON, and others. since 2006 and is today the market leader in Sweden. SIPP technology is used today to clear just over 6,000 transformer pits in over 100 grid companies in 9 countries.

Briefly about IA Industriarmatur Group AB (publ.)

IA Industriarmatur Group AB (publ) helps customers in the energy sector to streamline their operations and to act proactively on sustainability issues. The company does this by offering the company's connected products and IoT platform for streamlining maintenance processes.

IA Industriarmatur Group AB (publ) is listed on the Spotlight Stockmarket (ticker: IAG).