A Whole New Perspective

The new SIPP app gives users a better overview of SIPP equipment and has simplified navigation. The app will also help us handle future products and services when the transformer stations are connected with more sensors.

“The main focus of the new interface is putting the user's needs first to make everyday life easier. As environments become increasingly complex, it is important to get an overview quickly and be able to handle maintenance in an efficient and sustainable way”, says Malin Giselsson, product manager at Gomero.

The redesign and enhancements developed within the app has the entire transformer station in mind, enabling the user to see the pits with all the pertinent information, while also providing the ability to handle other connected devices. At the same time, functions that existed in the previous version will remain.

The updates first apply to iPhone’s and then they will be available in the App Store from 24/1. Android is planned for March.

We hope you enjoy our new app and would love to hear your feedback.


Join a small tour below…

Login page

The login has become cleaner and harmonizes with Gomero's graphic profile. If you are sharp-eyed, you can also see that the SIPP logo looks a little different.


We have redesigned our icons to make it even easier to see status and recognize alarms and maintenance needs.


These icons detail water levels or whether the control equipment has detected ice within the pit.


If the system identifies a need for maintenance, one of the icons below lights up, such as the need for a new measuring cell or when a filter should be replaced.

Battery. The icon lights up when maintenance is required and turns red when it becomes critical.

Measuring cell. The icon lights up when maintenance is required and turns red when it becomes critical.

Filter. The icon lights up when maintenance is required and turns red when it becomes critical.

Service. The icon lights up, indicating the control equipment requires inspection.

Dirty water. The icon lights up meaning the pit requires supervision.

Overview on the start page

After logging in, you receive an overview on the start page. By accessing this information, you can quickly and clearly see the status of the transformer station, such as water levels and whether maintenance is needed.

We have developed the app so that from the start page the user is able to move on to the remaining pages with just a push of a button. As you can see, you are able to get an overview of all mobile devices that are connected. For desktop devices, you can instead choose to scan your equipment to get it directly in the app.


The menu has changed location and is now at the bottom for easy access and navigation.


Unit surveillance, guides, etc.

From the start page, you can go on to the pits that are registered and read information about them.

Through analysis, one can, for example, compare the pits, to detect leakage or other abnormal signs. For our upcoming products, similar functions will also be available for these sensors.


If you go one step further, you can read more information about the connected devices. A report from the most recent run is always displayed here, and you can see clear information about, for example, water levels, flow and the equipment's maintenance status.


Guides for the control equipment and installation instructions remain as before - the only difference is that they are easier to access via the menu at the bottom.