Ease of use in combination with sustainability

Our web interface gets both a new “Gomerofied” look and feel and also a new name to clarify the different ways to access SIPP control equipment:


  • SIPP WEB is the interface on the computer used for visualization, analysis and documentation. Here you can administer users, roles and service offerings. There are also tools such as manuals and instructional videos.


  • SIPP APP is the work tool for mobile phones and tablets with digital guides for different work processes. Here you will find installation and maintenance tools, operation and management information and the ability to update configurations and perform function tests. Read more about the SIPP app here.


We have placed a strong focus on user-friendliness in combination with sustainability. The simpler we make the customer's everyday life, the more efficient, and therefore sustainable, overall operations of the transformer stations will be.

With the new interface, we have also expanded the view from pit to station, which makes it possible to connect more sensors and thereby support true predictive maintenance.

Existing users will recognize many of the features in the interface. The biggest difference is the new and improved look, the simplified navigation and the clarity that provides.

We hope you enjoy the new page as much as we do!


Join a tour below where we go through the top features.


We have designed our new icons to make it even easier to monitor status and recognize alarms and maintenance needs.


These icons detail water levels or whether the control equipment has detected ice within the pit.


If the system identifies a need for maintenance, one of the icons below lights up, such as the need for a new measuring cell or when a filter should be replaced.

Battery. The icon lights up when maintenance is required and turns red when it becomes critical.

Measuring cell. The icon lights up when maintenance is required and turns red when it becomes critical.

Filter. The icon lights up when maintenance is required and turns red when it becomes critical.

Service. The icon lights up, indicating the control equipment requires inspection.

Dirty water. The icon lights up meaning the pit requires supervision.


The overview presents clear graphs and statistics

For the new overview page, we have focused on sustainability and have clear graphs and statistics which detail the environmental improvement measures the control equipment reports in.

At the top of the page you will find a graph that shows the water level and condition of all stations over a period of time.


To the right, we present statistics on various sustainability issues, such as those that can be used, for instance, to report environmental declarations and KPIs.

The control equipment reports this 365/7/24 so the statistics are always reliable and up-to-date. Prevented oil spills are still something you want to be proud of at environmental meetings.


Further down the same page, we depict graphs that show different types of maintenance needs. With the graph, you can easily see both the current status and the trend over time for how the station is run, in order to further streamline predictive maintenance.



Stations, pits, units

If you click on Stations, all stations are listed, and from here you can see the pits and units that are connected to each location. Like the first page, the water level is also shown here, with the difference divided per station instead of a total.

You can also easily read the current maintenance condition as the icons light up when a certain need arises.

For those customers who prefer the previous view that was based on the pit, we have chosen to keep the pit overview as an alternative to the station overview.


If you click on a pit or a device, these pages generally contain the same information as before, but with a more user-friendly look. Here, icons are lit if maintenance is required.

Due to many customers' IT security requirements, an adjustment has been made where it is no longer possible to register the pit's GPS coordinates.



The protocols have been further adapted to clarify function and meet today's needs. We have removed redundant information and created greater clarity and now report the emptying process with carefully selected parameters.


We have also developed the function pit analysis and you can now schedule the analysis not only quarterly, semi-annually or annually, but also weekly and monthly. This allows for even better control and reporting.

A simpler adjustment has made so that the analysis is now attached to the email, which means that you no longer need to log in to the website to view the report.

Other features

To easily order maintenance items and spare parts, our webshop is linked in the menu. By clicking on Order, you end up directly on the login page where you log in with a one-time code.

With the menu on the left, you can easily access your profile and change your user information and settings.

We have also translated the page into another language, Finnish, which you can choose from under Profile.