Vår viktigaste resurs på Gomero är våra medarbetare, eftersom vi är övertygade om att hållbarhet och framgång börjar hos individen. Lär känna Jasper Spencer!

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I’m a specialist in International B2B sales and business development. I’ve been involved in many start-up and scale-up technology companies and I have also had my own businesses. I definitely prefer small companies because the agile culture suits me better. In these types of businesses you often get a wider role so you are more involved generally, with less bureaucracy.

Other than that I have two children and I’m English living in Gothenburg with my Italian girlfriend. When not spending time with my family, friends or at work my hobby is collecting meteorites. I also have a wellness and growth mindset.

What made you choose Gomero as your workplace?

There’s plenty of reasons. One being the people, leadership team, vision and mission. Then we have Gomero’s culture, the self-autonomous teams with flat management structure. The sustainability approach down to the person level is very interesting, and at Gomero we have a work hard and have fun mentality.

I also enjoy the broad scope and autonomy of my role. You get to work with the innovative problem-solving market offerings which is a meaningful, ethical, morally high impact business.

Lastly, we have very interesting customers in the energy sector verticals such as electricity distribution, electrified rail, data centers and so on.

Innovation through curiosity - what does this mean to you?

Curiosity and creativity lead to innovation! I believe that inquisitiveness and excellent questions move us beyond the search for answers and onto new ways of thinking. This mindset is in line with Gomero’s needs, our customer’s needs and my own needs.

In what way is personal development important to you?

Personal development optimises my mind, body and soul in regards to my career, health and wellness, socially and emotionally and spiritually. It increases my self-awareness, my skills and helps me achieve my aspirations!

Share your best carreer advice!

I have so many, but of course follow your passion is number one. I would also say it is important to cultivate perseverance and tenacity. Always search for value in feedback and criticism, and also don’t forget to help others – find a mentor and be a mentor.