Smart technology reduces environmental impact

Sustainability at Gomero extends beyond our own operations. We carefully select all suppliers, and our IT partner, BloxIT, along with its Swedish data center partner GleSYS, is no exception. They have a pronounced focus on working with innovative and smart technology that can contribute to increased sustainability and reduced climate impact.

As part of this effort, GleSYS has made significant investments in technology to recover waste heat from their data centers. Surplus energy is converted into district heating, largely replacing the burning of pellets and gas. The electricity purchased is labeled with Good Environmental Choice and is 100 percent renewable. EcoPar is used as backup power, a fuel that reduces CO2 emissions by up to fifty percent.

"A data center can be incredibly energy-intensive, which is one reason why we chose BloxIT as a supplier, with GleSYS as their subcontractor. Just like Gomero, they prioritize sustainability at every level. Their efforts to reduce energy consumption demonstrate that long-term thinking and active choices can make a significant difference in increasing sustainability," says Malin Giselsson, Gomero.

"Our collaboration with BloxIT serves as a blueprint for how we want to work with our suppliers. In addition to providing qualified services and products, we place great emphasis on how they work not only with their own services but also with their partners from a sustainability perspective," concludes Malin Giselsson.

Gomero has long maintained a high security standard, reflected in its ISO 27001 certification. This certification is evidence that the work on information security is systematic and that there is strong data integrity.