The journey towards a modernized, connected way of working

To gain quick and secure access to data from critical equipment at substations, Swedish electricity network company Ellevio has implemented a pilot installation of Gomero's SIPP Hub control equipment. The current pilot and validation project was initially limited to the measurement and monitoring of SF6 gas, but since the installation in July 2022 it has now been expanded to include a weather station and a temperature and humidity sensor in the battery room.

While Ellevio continues to evaluate the project to determine how they want to integrate different data, Gomero has supplemented the solution with analysis and visualization via its proprietary SIPP Web user interface. With the scalable infrastructure that SIPP Hub offers, there is always an opportunity to adapt processes to meet the specific needs of a business.

”We want to help customers through the entire journey towards a modernized, connected way of working at substations. Being responsive in ongoing dialogue with Ellevio is important as it enables us to develop the solution together. After the initial installation of the SIPP Hub, we have been able to add a number of sensors and systems. This means that we can now solve new problems in a structured way. We believe that it is a better way of working than trying to implement large complex solutions that attempt to address all issues at once”, says Malin Giselsson, CTO at Gomero.

“By approving Gomero's platform for collecting data, we no longer need time-consuming validation processes to connect additional components, internally it is even referred to as "Gomero data". We are at a stage where we want to connect more and more devices in order to quickly make the right predictive decisions based on collected data. It is especially important that it is easy to mount more sensors and measurement points on our devices to collect data for predictive analyses”, comments Mattias Airiman, Analysis and Strategy Manager, Network Operation, Ellevio.

The growing importance of predictive maintenance

As the world electrifies, the maintenance of the electricity grid must become smarter. By connecting sensors to the SIPP Hub and collecting real-time data that can detect deviations with AI analysis, it is now possible to get an overview of the maintenance needs of important components at the substation in advance. Once the SIPP Hub is installed, the infrastructure required to easily and cost-effectively connect more sensors is also available.

”When Ellevio, which is one of the largest players in the market, invests in new, sustainable technology, it usually has a domino effect on the rest of the industry. They can now see that SIPP Hub is a reliable, scalable solution for proactive maintenance”, concludes Malin Giselsson.

About SIPP and SIPP Hub

Gomero's connected control equipment SIPP has for a long time offered detection of oil leakage from the transformer and automatic environmental protection of the transformer bund. With SIPP Hub, new opportunities are created to connect more sensors and utilize Gomero's established and secure infrastructure to collect and analyze more data from more critical assets at the transformer station.

SIPP Hub enables customers to continue the transition from scheduled to predictive maintenance by connecting more equipment at the substation. At the same time, SIPP meets the customers' high demands on sustainability, safety, and cost savings. SIPP is the market leader in Sweden and helps over a hundred electricity grid owners in nine countries with predictive maintenance on the substation.

About Gomero

Gomero Group AB (publ) offers innovative solutions to customers in the energy sector for long-term sustainable economic growth through the development of systems and services for predictive maintenance - an area with very strong global growth. With Gomero's connected products, sensors, AI and data analysis, we ensure that maintenance work can be carried out optimally and with an increased degree of automation.

Gomero's SaaS-based process support, IoT and increased digitization makes it possible to work efficiently with autonomous, connected devices – for example, at substations bunds and switchgear. For customers, this means increased reliability, reduced costs and better opportunities to work with need-based maintenance. It also creates better conditions for increased electrification and effective environmental and sustainability work. Gomero's customers include Ellevio, Vattenfall, Lede Energi, Fingrid and Deutsche Bahn.

About Ellevio

With close to one million customers, Ellevio is one of Sweden's largest electricity network companies. Together with our customers we take an active role in the journey towards an increasingly electrified society. Our electricity networks are the backbone that connects producers and consumers of electricity, which enables more renewable electricity production and the electrification of transport and industry, creating conditions for new climate-smart services for our customers. We have 650 employees and employ a total of 3,000 people across the country. We are owned by the pension managers OMERS Infrastructure, Folksam, AP3 and AMF. Read more at